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BLDG 20 for 20

Day 20 – The Next 20 Years of BLDG Memphis Thank you for following along as we celebrated our 20th year and reflected on the people, partners and programs that have been core to our work of building more sustainable and just neighborhoods across Memphis. Your donations allow us to increase resources for safe, affordable and healthy housing, redevelop vacant and abandoned neighborhoods, create better strategies for community economic development, make our streets safer, equip... Read More
at Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Member Monday Spotlight: The Heights Community Development Corporation

  Jared Myers, Executive Director  How was the Heights CDC started? The Heights CDC began organizing in 2013 and was officially established in 2016. A small group of residents who went to Christ Community Church completed a community survey with 80 families to find out how the church could best serve the neighborhood. The results of that survey showed that residents wanted better housing and a safer community. The Binghampton Development Corporation was awarded a Building... Read More
at Monday, October 28, 2019

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